Should I Invest in Bitcoin or Gold/Silver?

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Should I Invest in Bitcoin or Gold/Silver?

What is the better choice for a long term investment in your opinion? I'm looking to hedge a good amount of money because the US economy seems like it will break soon. I don't want to be holding any USD when hyperinflation comes into play. I've already started with precious metals, but am thinking about bitcoin. So, convince me why I should?


  • I would say both. Gold and Silver are established as a good store of value, but only as a hedge. I don't know if it's possible for another giant bubble.

    Bitcoin is still very new and could be replaced by another cryptocurrency in the near future. Whether it's bitcoin or another crypto, it has room for massive growth.

    So if you want to play it safe, just invest in precious metals and a smaller amount of bitcoin. Monitor your bitcoin investment though and stay up to date on the latest coins.

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