How much have you made/lost with bitcoin gambling?

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How much have you made/lost with bitcoin gambling?

I'm curious if there are any big winners with online bitcoin gambling. Some sites seem to be heavily rigged so I suspect that most people that are engaged with bitcoin gambling have lost a good amount. Please share, there is no shame here.


  • I've never tried the online slots/dice because I think those are only reserved for stupid people wiling to throw their money away. However I have played a lot of poker, mostly betcoin. My winnings and losses have probably evened out over the years... so nothing huge.

  • I've lost 0.4 bitcoin on dice sites :cry:
    I should really be more careful. I always think that maybe one good roll could bring me back to even but deep down I know that's a bad idea.

  • @Galling This is pretty much what leads to gambling addiction. I would recommend quitting now and just be glad that you've only lost a couple hundred dollars. It could have been much worse!

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