Price Prediction After Bitcoin Halving?

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Price Prediction After Bitcoin Halving?

The halving seems to be just over a month away and bitcoin is pumping pretty hard. Is this just a temporary thing or will it continue after the halving actually happens? I know that no one can determine the future but I want to get everyone's opinion. I personally think that a reduced inflation is bound to initiate a few more bubbles like it has done in the past. So maybe $3k - $4k by the end of the year. What do you think?


  • I have no idea how high it will go but I really doubt that it will go below $300 again. Maybe not even below $400. And I only say this in case of a flash crash. I don't think that it can be that low for longer than a few days. The halvening is real!

  • Taking into account how the previous bubbles happened, if we do get another from the halving, it will be bigger than anyone expects. Do you think anyone ever thought that the price would reach $1200? You would probably be downvoted as a loony if you ever posted something like that when the price was around $10 - $100. So if another bubble happens, expect it to rally beyond your wildest dreams.

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