Bitcoin Mining out of Hotel Rooms? Road Trip Idea

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Bitcoin Mining out of Hotel Rooms? Road Trip Idea

Has anyone ever though about doing a road trip with a bunch of mining rigs? You could essentially get a free (or very cheap) hotel every night. Here is what I would do if you already have some mining rigs:

  • Check in as early as possible, this is usually around 3pm. You can call in ahead of time and ask if you can check in early. They will allow it sometimes.
  • Sneak in all your mining equipment in a suitcase or two. We don't want to raise a suspicion.
  • Unplug any appliances already in the room such as fridges, televisions and microwaves. Turn off the heater/AC and lights. We are going to be using a lot of electricity so we should conserve it in other places. Hotel's don't charge for electricity but we don't want to blow a fuse or anything.
  • Setup all your rigs and start mining ASAP. You might need to use wifi if the room doesn't have an ethernet port. So be prepared for that.
  • You are now mining without paying for electricity and can leave and do whatever you want. Explore some new places.
  • If you are only staying for one night (which I recommend to not get into any potential trouble) make sure you pack everything up and checkout before 11am. This is usually the deadline at most hotels.
  • After you are checked out, hit the road and get to your next hotel. Repeat.

You have now earned a good amount of bitcoin to counter the cost of the hotel. Any thoughts? I know this is a very hopeful idea but I thought it might be fun.


  • Interesting idea. Seems worth trying out as a fun experiment. Do you think the hotels would catch on to you though? You have to give them your ID when you check in and I'm sure that it's stored in a database somewhere. I would make sure that you alternative between the different chains of hotels so it's harder to track.

  • @Galling I don't think that hotel rooms can monitor electricity by room so the only way that you'd be caught would be if they saw all the mining equipment in your room. So make sure that a maid doesn't walk in on you. That's never good.

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