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  • OK, well let me put it this way; this is from January 29th, 2016:     As far as I remember this chart, the first big drop was when Gavin's protégé, Mike Hearn, pitched his quit-fit. The second time was when Gavin was pushing the Classic hardfor…
  • Here's how to make money from them: How to Profit from Pump and Dumps   Let's go with @TheGuideGuy's sensible method of buying or mining likely coins and holding them against the eventuality of either a P&D or a legitimate increase. P&…
  • @Monkeyno Yes, your approach of buying cheap coins and patiently holding them, as the entry tickets for future pumps, is definitely a good strategy. Without insider knowledge, I'd say that's the best way to trade P&Ds. I believe the results can…
  • As I started writing a reply, I noticed Execoin, a coin that was presumed dead, is exhibiting a major P&D spike: Classic flatline then a major spike as the P&D defibriliator is applied!   I happen to own some EXE from the old mining d…
  • It’s understandable that people get excited when looking at pump and dump price charts. They imagine the fortune they might have made, if only they’d gotten in early and sold at the top. Their minds soon start swimming in this imaginary fortune, li…